Best Romantic Comedy?

I’m always on the lookout for a good romantic comedy movie. Friends and family consistently forward me movie teasers and trailers for upcoming rom-coms. I have a collection of DVDs with a mix of classic and contemporary romantic comedies.

So it came as a surprise when I glanced through American Film Institute’s top ten romantic comedies and discovered that I disagree with their rankings.  Continue reading “Best Romantic Comedy?”

The Incredible Shrinking Romance Section

After reading a vintage book from a contemporary romance author who had written a massive backlist, I felt like reading some more of her work. I had read all of the titles available at the library and I was waiting for her new release. (You know how it is.) I decided to pop in to a local used bookshop that had recently relocated to see what they had to offer.

The romance section, which once had been a large room filled with thousands of romance novels (I’m not exaggerating) was now an alcove with less than a dozen bookshelves. After I got over my surprise, I decided they must have downsized the selection when they had relocated. I couldn’t understand the business decision since romance fiction was their specialty, but these things happen.  Continue reading “The Incredible Shrinking Romance Section”

Hero & Heroine Archetypes: The Boss

Ever wondered what people actually meant by “he’s such a bad boy” or why “she’s a total free spirit” had anything to do with the plot of a movie? For one, archetypes play a large role in character motivation and dynamics. Plus, archetypes are a great way to codify and play around with our characters, especially in the romance genre where the story and stakes revolve completely around our heroes and heroines.  Continue reading “Hero & Heroine Archetypes: The Boss”

Not a Romance

The other day I watched a sitcom and it was revealed that one of the characters was a romance author. The writer was very successful but was ending the book series by killing off the heroine.

I rolled my eyes and changed the channel. There are a few things that do not happen in a romance novel. Killing off the heroine is one of them. I assumed it went without saying, but obviously I was wrong.  Continue reading “Not a Romance”