3 Football Romances You Need to Read before Kickoff


Years ago it was difficult to find the professional athlete hero in romance fiction. The common thought (at least what I heard for years while attending conference workshops and editor panels) was that readers didn’t want these characters. The pro athlete was not considered a good romantic partner.

I’m not sure when this opinion started to change. Did the shift occur when the Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips gained popularity? Did readers who were also sports fans asked to see professional athletes in romance fiction? Or did New York editors realize that a team of alpha men in their prime was a perfect built-in series?

Whatever the reason, these days readers enjoy a huge selection of sports romances. One of the popular sports readers enjoy is American football. The hero’s physicality is blatantly masculine and he’s celebrated for his power and brawn. He’s wealthy, famous and enjoys an enviable lifestyle. The football player hero is also driven, competitive and takes care of his team.

If this hero archetype interests you, here are three shining examples of football romance for you to try:  Continue reading “3 Football Romances You Need to Read before Kickoff”

Let Your Favorite Disney Princess Inspire Your Next Romantic Read


What does your most beloved fairy tale say about your favorite romantic reads? There might have been a Disney princess that you always pretended to be while playing dress up or whose story you wanted to hear over and over again. The fairy tale could have influenced your expectation as a reader. Do you have an emotional connection with a character type like a female warrior or the swashbuckling hero? Perhaps you’re drawn to plot devices and themes like the road romance or the rags-to-riches story.

It could be that you like the movie because of the music or the side characters, but just in case, here’s a mix of twelve official and honorary Disney princesses whose love stories were featured in cinematic films. One of the fairy tales might inspire the next book you read.  Continue reading “Let Your Favorite Disney Princess Inspire Your Next Romantic Read”

Like Sizzling Contemporary Romances? Then You’ll Love This Author

If you are a fan of short reads that are sexy and romantic, Brenda Jackson’s books should be on your keeper shelf. Haven’t read her work? There are many stories to choose from this New York Times and USA Today bestselling author! Start with the Westmoreland series. The strong and powerful men are often in a battle of wills with the women they can’t tame. Try these five fan-favorites:  Continue reading “Like Sizzling Contemporary Romances? Then You’ll Love This Author”

What No One Tells You about Publication Dates

A print book’s publication date in the United States is on a Tuesday. Why is this? As far as I can tell, no one knows for sure. You can read some theories and how one blogger hunted for the answer in the excellent blog post “Tuesday the Holy Day of Publishing and How It Forms Reader Expectations”  over at Dear Reader. Continue reading “What No One Tells You about Publication Dates”