Best Romantic Comedy?

I’m always on the lookout for a good romantic comedy movie. Friends and family consistently forward me movie teasers and trailers for upcoming rom-coms. I have a collection of DVDs with a mix of classic and contemporary romantic comedies.

So it came as a surprise when I glanced through American Film Institute’s top ten romantic comedies and discovered that I disagree with their rankings.  Continue reading “Best Romantic Comedy?”

Hero & Heroine Archetypes: The Chief


The Chief has a powerful take-charge personality. He’s primed for leadership. The Chief is goal-oriented, decisive and responsible. Unfortunately he can also be overly dominating, unsympathetic and arrogant.

“Once the Chief locks his eyes on the prize, nothing stops him from grasping the golden ring.”  Continue reading “Hero & Heroine Archetypes: The Chief”

The Incredible Shrinking Romance Section

After reading a vintage book from a contemporary romance author who had written a massive backlist, I felt like reading some more of her work. I had read all of the titles available at the library and I was waiting for her new release. (You know how it is.) I decided to pop in to a local used bookshop that had recently relocated to see what they had to offer.

The romance section, which once had been a large room filled with thousands of romance novels (I’m not exaggerating) was now an alcove with less than a dozen bookshelves. After I got over my surprise, I decided they must have downsized the selection when they had relocated. I couldn’t understand the business decision since romance fiction was their specialty, but these things happen.  Continue reading “The Incredible Shrinking Romance Section”