3 Harlequin Desires You Should Read

Do you want to read contemporary romances filled with scandal, secrets and sexual tension? Try these three award-winning Harlequin Desires: 

Pregnant by the Cowboy CEO by Catherine Mann
Amie can’t explain the scorching attraction she has for a man she sees at her cousin’s engagement party. But it doesn’t stop her from having a one-night stand with the handsome stranger in a coat closet moments after meeting him. Then she discovers he is the new CEO for her family’s empire. How can she work with him every day? And how is she going to tell him that she’s pregnant with his child?

Pregnant by the Cowboy CEO won the Romantic Times award in 2015 for Best Harlequin Desire. Readers are going to love the older hero. Protective and haunted by his mistakes, family means everything to him.

Seduce Me, Cowboy by Maisey Yates
Hayley is the perfect good girl. However, she hasn’t lived a full life while demonstrating good behavior and she needs to shake things up. But who is she if she doesn’t follow the rules? It takes meeting Jonathan Bear to help her figure it out. Hayley has never wanted anyone or anything badly enough to take a risk. She wants Jonathan more than she wants to feel safe, but will this man, who doesn’t think he’s worthy of love, take a chance on her?

This Harlequin Desire won the Romantic Times award in 2017 for Best Series Romance. If you love virgin heroines and bad boy heroes, give this story a try. The Western love story shows two people struggling to find the courage to love and be loved.

Temporarily His Princess by Olivia Gates
Vincenzo has been given a royal command to marry. He blackmails Glory—his ex-lover who betrayed him years ago—to accept his proposal for a temporary marriage. As a prince, world-famous scientist and international playboy, Vincenzo could have any woman as his bride, but he still wants Glory. One year with her and he will get her out of his system. But Glory fights him every step of the way. She doesn’t want to marry a man who didn’t value her when they were together and she’s not going to fall for him again.

Temporarily His Princess won the Romantic Times award for Best Harlequin Desire in 2013. Filled with high emotions and lush sensuality, this romance should be read when you need a few hours of escapism.

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