Retro Romance: Donna Kauffman

If you want a contemporary romance about explorers and daredevils, spies and agents, or heroic men and women, try a Loveswept classic by Donna Kauffman. Many of these stories offer adventure for the reader yet the romance never gets lost in the action. The characters are shaped by their work, their sacrifices, and the loved ones they have lost, but the stories are focused tightly on the couples falling in love. 

Haven’t read Donna Kauffman’s work? Here are three recommendations. The stories were written over twenty years ago and they continue to entertain new audiences.

Black Satin 
When Kira approaches Cole at a seedy bar with a request for help, his gut reaction is to reject her and get her far away from him. Still suffering from past mistakes, he’s barely in control of his emotions and doesn’t want to care about anything. But Kira is more determined and resilient than her school teacher image suggests. She gets under his skin. He needs to grant the favor as quickly as possible, because once he touches Kira, he will claim her and never let go.

Originally published in 1994, Black Satin is a very sensual romance with an action-adventure subplot. Fans of tortured heroes should give this story a try.

Born to be Wild 
Dara and Zach had been adversaries in school and fifteen years later, they still can’t help challenge each other. But there’s a new element in their dynamic: intense sexual awareness. But an affair would be a big mistake. Zach’s the bad boy thrill seeker and Dara is the good girl who needs to feel safe and secure. She’s had enough heartbreak in her life and won’t fall for a man who takes crazy risks.

First published in 1996, Born to Be Wild is a sexy romance about two people who are meant to be together. Dara and Zach share a fighting spirit, but they’re also scared of ruining of what might be the ultimate adventure of a lifetime.

Dark Knight
Scottie’s assignment was simple: keep Logan out of sight so he doesn’t compromise a top-secret mission. But Scottie didn’t expect her quarry to be her equal—or her kindred spirit. Stuck in a snowbound cabin for days together, the power dynamics change constantly. Logan tempts her like no other man. There are moments when she is the captor and in an instant, she is the captive.

Although this steamy romance was first published in 1998, Dark Knight offers an intriguing twist to the abducted/captured romance trope with the woman as the captor. The chemistry between Scottie and Logan is highly entertaining!

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