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If you are a fan of sexy contemporary romances, then you must—absolutely, no doubt about it, must—read Amy Andrews.

Whether the romance falls in the sports, medical or rural sub-genre, the characters are what drive the story. Andrews’ heroines are often goal-oriented. The woman’s ambition might be related to career, her family or how she wants to live her life. The heroine works hard to achieve her dreams and she doesn’t allow failure to bring her down.

As for the heroes, they are more than just strong and sexy. These men are fully committed to the heroine’s goals. One of the reasons an Amy Andrews hero is swoon-worthy is the support he gives to the heroine’s dreams. He may get it wrong in the execution but he will do anything—even let her go—if it means she goes after her own dreams or gets the life she wants. He’s on the heroine’s side. Always.

Want to read one of her stories? Here are three recommendations: 

Fair Game 
After years of hard work and broken dreams, Darcy finally gets to play professional women’s rugby. She is focused on making the most of the opportunity but there are some distractions. Her ex-boyfriend is now her coach and she’s becoming wildly attracted to Levi, her best friend and roommate. Levi has been there for her through thick and thin and suddenly their relationship has become something more. Now the two best things in her life has happened at once—becoming a pro rugby player and falling for Levi—but she can only give her undivided attention to one opportunity.

Fair Game is a friends-to-lovers romance set in the rugby world, and timing is everything in sports and in love. Darcy and Levi make a fantastic couple. The aching hunger between the two builds until you just can’t take it anymore. Also, Levi might be a yoga enthusiast with a man bun, but deep down he’s an old-fashioned gentleman. His unconditional love and admiration for Darcy is beautiful.

Girl Least Likely to Marry 
In this nerdy girl gets the jock romance, Cassie is kind of an intellectual snob and she doesn’t understand why she’s so attracted to Tuck, an ex-football player. Not only does she respects brains over brawn, but also sex is not a priority for her, so there’s no logical explanation why her libido has suddenly roared to life. When her attraction to Tuck distracts her from career-defining research, Cassie’s matchmaking friends suggest she conducts a scientific experiment: sleep with Tuck and get him out of her system. Cassie thought it would be a one night stand but it quickly becomes a whirlwind affair.

Girl Least Likely to Marry is a hot and romantic opposite attracts story. Tuck turns out to be the perfect match for Cassie. His image is that of a virile and successful playboy, but he has struggled from personal disappointment and failure that would crush a man’s ego. Whether he’s playing dumb to get Cassie’s attention, actively supporting her love of science, or doing everything in his power to be with her, his one goal is to give Cassie everything she needs. He has all the makings of becoming your next book boyfriend.

Some Girls Do 
Lacey and Cooper had an epic one-night stand before they discovered she is his best friend’s little sister. Now he’s been tasked to look after Lacey while she goes to fashion school in the big city. Even if it means pushing aside his feelings for Lacey, Coop will be there for her as a friend because he knows she has some growing up to do. Lacey doesn’t think she needs a babysitter but it turns out she relies on Cooper more than she cares to admit. She’s made a mess of her life and she wants to go home. Coop is there to back her up, even if it means faking a relationship. Lacey soon realizes that Coop has given her unconditional support every time she needed him.

I think Some Girls Do is a quintessential Amy Andrews story. It’s sexy and fast-paced. There is a longing for home and rural life. The hero is hot, protective and will do anything for the heroine. Also, the heroine is bold about how she wants to life her life. She knows what she wants and she’s refreshingly unapologetic about it.


To find out more about Amy Andrews and her work, visit her website.

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