Retro Romance: Linda Howard

Linda Howard is a New York Times bestselling author and she’s a recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement award. If you are a fan of rugged and earthy romance heroes, you should try her work. The men in her stories often exhibit alpha tendencies. They are territorial and protect their own, they are blatantly masculine, and when they fall in love with the heroine, they fall hard.

Ms. Howard is best known for her romantic suspense books but I’m turning the spotlight on a few sexy contemporary romances she wrote in the 1980s and 1990s. These books used to be very difficult to find but, thanks to eBooks, they are now just one-click away.

Against the Rules
Years ago Cathryn had a sexual encounter with Rule, the arrogant cowboy who worked on her family’s ranch. Too young and innocent to cope with the explosive lust they shared, Cathryn takes the first opportunity to leave the ranch. Now she’s back, a sophisticated widow. However, she still isn’t ready for a man like Rule, who has decided it’s time to claim her as his own. But is he interested in her, or does he want her ranch which has been under his control while she’s been away?

This cowboy love story is an example of a romance novel published in 1983. The hero a dominant alpha male, there is a big age gap between him and the heroine, and the sexual chemistry is off-the-charts.

The Cutting Edge
Brett is a corporate troubleshooter trying to catch an embezzler when he meets Tessa, one of the bookkeepers. Immediately spellbound, he pursues her and their impetuous affair is wildly passionate. But then Brett finds overwhelming evidence that Tessa is stealing the money. Believing she used him, he’s determined to make her pay. Devastated by his sudden desertion, Tessa thinks Brett seduced her as part of his investigation. So why does she still love this man who deceived her?

Originally published in 1985, this office romance is about a woman who needs to trust the man who has betrayed her and a harsh man who protects what’s his—even when he believes his woman is guilty.

Duncan’s Bride
Years ago Reese Duncan lost half of his ranch in a divorce settlement. He has struggled to rebuild and he will do anything to protect what he has left—even if it means marrying again. Madelyn is one of the few applicants who answered his ad for a wife but she’s unsuitable for ranch life. Despite his misgivings, he offers her marriage. The ferocious sexual hunger he has for Madelyn is inconvenient and he’s determined to keep it under control. He vows that a woman will never have power over him again, but his spirited wife will slowly bring him to his knees.

First published in 1990, this classic love story is an intensely sensual and compelling read!


To find out more about Linda Howard, visit her website.

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