My 5 Favorite Romance Books of 2018

I read over 100 romance stories this year. Admittedly, there were quite a few books I didn’t finish. There were also a few that unexpectedly ended in cliffhangers (my pet peeve!) or worse, brought in a love triangle. Ugh. It almost made me run back to my keeper shelf and my tried-and-true favorite authors.

But I was determined to break out of my reading comfort zone. I’m glad I stuck with this resolution because my absolute favorites romantic reads this year were written by new-to-me authors. Here are my five favorites of 2018: 

BABY DADDY by Kendall Ryan

Jenna is on her way to a sperm bank when she gets stuck in an elevator with the irresistible Emmett. When he offers to sleep with her as an alternative, Jenna swears she just wants his sperm, not him. That suits Emmett. He simply wants sex with Jenna and knows he’d be disaster with any kind of relationship. They make a deal that it’s sex—and only sex—until she gets pregnant yet they keep breaking the rules.

Baby Daddy is a red-hot love story but the real treat is Emmett. Sexy, kind, and focused on Jenna’s happiness as well as her pleasure, he is an ideal romance hero.

BROOKLYNAIRE by Sarina Bowen

In this workplace romance, an office manager has been crushing on her boss way before he became a billionaire. He’s a hot nerd and she’s an ordinary woman who excels at her job in taking care of him. But when she has an accident and needs time to recover, suddenly her boss is determined to take care of her.

Readers will enjoy the tender friendship that is the solid foundation for the passionate love affair. The storytelling in Brooklynaire is sharp and fast-paced—once you start reading, it’s hard to stop!

GOOD GIRL by Jana Aston

She’s a virginal good girl college grad who loves rules and earning badges. He’s a filthy-minded bad boy billionaire who knows he’s not good enough for her. When she thinks he must have a paying-for-sex fetish that’s preventing him from sleeping with her, she comes up with the insane plan of hosting a virgin auction. He doesn’t need to know that the exclusive event is slanted in his favor to win.

This hot romantic comedy is so, so funny. You will keel over with laughter while reading Good Girl. You’ve been warned.

SEX, NOT LOVE by Vi Keeland

Natalia and Hunter have an instant connection when they meet at a wedding, but she isn’t going to pursue this fierce attraction. Everything about Hunter should offend her – his cocky attitude, his dirty mouth and his persistence – but she can’t imagine being with any other guy. When Natalia decides she can manage a short-term affair with Hunter, she quickly realizes her mistake. She’s already in love with him and she could have sworn this wasn’t just sex for Hunter, so why is he prepared to walk away?

Sex, Not Love is an emotional rollercoaster ride— passionate, intense and unputdownable!

SURRENDER by Joan Johnston

In this contemporary Western romance, Taylor is a pilot working with her smoke jumper ex-boyfriend when they are trapped in a wildfire. The two are brave when it comes to battling the elements and fighting for survival, but they are scared and vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. Once they are rescued, their renewed connection is put to the test as the consequences of the fire change their lives.

Surrender is love story packed with perilous adventure, family drama and earthy sensuality.



Did you have a favorite book this year?

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