Why Romance Readers Love Cowboys

Browse through the romance section of any brick and mortar bookstore and you will see quite a few cowboys on the covers. Thanks to film and folklore, there is a mythical idea of the cowboy and the legends continue today. Ask anyone to describe a cowboy and they might say he’s a heroic man of action. He could be a charming rogue, a dangerous outlaw or a chivalrous knight.

But almost all of the cowboys in fiction share these traits: they are independent men in charge of their destiny. They make their opportunities and their fortune through hard work and luck.  A cowboy is a dreamer who goes west, untethered by rules and society. His grit is hard-won as he faces adventure and tames nature.

Cowboys are favorites among romance readers because the archetype embodies the American spirit.

If you are interested in reading a cowboy or western romance, try one of these books: 

All Out of Love by Lori Wilde

In this sexy western romance, a pro quarterback returns to his hometown after a possible career-ending injury and becomes instantly smitten with his best friend’s little sister. Years ago she had been in love with him, but she’s not going to fall for his seduction routine, knowing that his celebrity is too big for a small town and a simple country girl like her.

The sparks between the two are fun and lively. If you’re looking for a comfort read that has heat and humor, choose All Out of Love by Lori Wilde!

Brokedown Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Conner is a grieving widower who is both comfortable and fed up with his loneliness. When his friend Felicity needs to temporarily move in with him, he starts having inconvenient feelings about her—and he’d rather be numb than feel anything. He doesn’t know if his desire for Liss has something to do with his years of celibacy or forced proximity, but he won’t act on these fantasies. He can’t wreck the friendship that has been his lifeline for so many years.

Brokedown Cowboy is an emotional and sexy western romance about a woman who has spent most of her life thinking she has to earn love and a man who understands the cost of love.

Surrender by Joan Johnston

In this contemporary Western romance, Taylor is a pilot working with her smoke jumper ex-boyfriend when they are trapped in a wildfire. The two are brave when it comes to battling the elements and fighting for survival, but they are scared and vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. Once they are rescued, their renewed connection is put to the test as the consequences of the fire change their lives.

This love story is packed with perilous adventure, family drama and earthy sensuality.



Do you have a favorite cowboy romance?

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