Why The Mummy is a Must-Watch Romance

The Mummy is a classic Hollywood romance. I’m serious! This movie may have the CGI graphics of the late-90’s and more than a few plot holes, but it is the Standard of librarian-swashbuckling romances. How can anyone resist the charms of Evelyn Carnahan and Rick O’Connell? 

Heck, the entire plot is based on an ancient romance!

Not every man would be risk shoddy mummification and flesh eating beetles for love, but Imhotep is ride or die for Anck-Su-Namun. Except for the dying, since his entire goal is to resurrect her even if it means destroying everyone in his path to do succeed.

Cool motive, still murder

The Mummy (1999 version only, Tom Cruise need not apply) is a true desert adventure. Name a genre trope, and you’ve got it. Shootouts. An assassin with a hook. Brooding antiheroes (thanks Oded). Quicksand. Car chases. Booby trapped tombs. Curses. Treasure.

Plus, Evelyn remains one of the coolest librarians in Hollywood. And the beauty of it all is: she never changes that. She never pretends to be anything but her badass bookish self.

She craved adventure and  field experience. She wanted to be taken seriously for her work and her contributions. Somehow she found that out in the middle of nowhere with her rakish guide and a curse looming over their camp.

And she may not be a gunslinger or treasure hunter, but she picks up some of the tools of the trade. She learns how to throw a punch. She learns to NOT read from old spell books.

…She learns to ~trust her heart~ (okay, okay, not really, but she does fall in love!)

And what’s great about her relationship with the swashbuckling adventurer and sometimes treasure-hunter Rick is that they complement one another. He’s the brawn and quick footed action to her brains and plans.

This would have been a much shorter movie without Evie.

Rick makes a big show of not caring at all about anything but the money, while Evelyn cares A LOT about a lot of things! Like Egypt and books and certain spontaneous kisses.

Rick isn’t just some beef head, though. No siree, he knows a lot more than he lets on. He knows what the puzzle that Evelyn’s brother steals is worth and what it leads to. He listens to Evelyn’s geeky ramblings about Egyptian gods and backstabbing Pharaohs.

He has a tattoo of the Eye of freakin’ Horus on his hand so even if that was a drunken decision, I say he is just as much of an Egypt nerd as Evelyn and you can’t change my mind.

At the end of the day, Rick and Evelyn need each other to get through their adventures.

So trust me when I say it’s a classic Hollywood romance. The Mummy may not get the respect of some of the oldies, but it holds up, leaving Evelyn and Rick as a favorite action/adventure/horror movie couple.

I said what I said!





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