Like Sizzling Contemporary Romances? Then You’ll Love This Author

If you are a fan of short reads that are sexy and romantic, Brenda Jackson’s books should be on your keeper shelf. Haven’t read her work? There are many stories to choose from this New York Times and USA Today bestselling author! Start with the Westmoreland series. The strong and powerful men are often in a battle of wills with the women they can’t tame. Try these five fan-favorites: 

Hot Westmoreland Nights
Ramsey Westmoreland is proud of his self-control and he doesn’t understand how Chloe is becoming his weakness. The desire he feels for her could consume him. Chloe goes after what she wants and yet she senses Ramsey could be the one man who could make her lose herself. The sexual tension builds at a fast pace in this tantalizing romance.

Ian’s Ultimate Gamble
In this hot second-chance romance, Brooke knows there could never be reconciliation since Ian Westmoreland no longer trusted her. She could, however, find closure if they made their last time together special. But instead of getting him out of her system, she is reminded why Ian is the only man for her.

Seduction, Westmoreland Style
Casey Westmoreland had grown up wanting the fairy tale. The only man she’d sleep with would be her husband. But she’s in love with McKinnon who can only offer a short—yet satisfying—affair. Casey goes from virgin to vixen as she seduces McKinnon in this sexy cowboy romance.

Taming Clint Westmoreland
Married five years ago in name only, Clint and Alyssa discovered that thanks to a bureaucratic mistake, they are still married! To annul the marriage, they must live under the same roof for thirty days. The sexual attraction between them is overpowering as it is inconvenient, and it’s only a matter of time before Alyssa has a steamy affair with her “husband”.

Thorn’s Challenge
It’s a battle between experience and innocence in this passionate love story. As much as Thorn Westmoreland hungers for his sister’s best friend, he has vowed that no woman would be his downfall again. Tara has rebuilt her life after a very public breakup and she’s just as determined to be his ultimate downfall.

Find out more about the author and her work by visiting her website. Do you have a favorite book by Brenda Jackson?

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