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Masquerading as her twin during her sister's wedding rehearsal is almost too much for Jessica Parks. Shy and innocent, Jessica isn't sure about pretending to be her brazen sister, but she's more worried that the deception puts her squarely in the path of Devlin Hunter, the fiancé.

Cold, ruthless and destructive, Devlin is marrying for business reasons only. To her shame, Jessica is intensely attracted to her sister's arranged fiancé. She believes that Devlin only needs someone to love -- and love him back -- to bring out the best in him. But she'll never know. Once the wedding rehearsal is over, she will switch places with her twin and stay away from Devlin.

That's Jessica's plan until she finds herself nervously walking down the aisle in her sister's wedding dress to meet Devlin at the altar… and being swept up in his arms as he carries her into the honeymoon suite. Does she continue the charade or does she let her dangerously powerful husband find out that he has the wrong bride?

About the Author

Susanna Carr is an award-winning author known for her contemporary romances. Readers throughout the world find Susanna's stories a delightful escape that has often helped them through difficult times. Reviewers frequently describe her work as "fun", "sexy" and a "must read."

Her booklist is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks and Kobo.

When she isn't writing, Susanna enjoys reading romance and connecting with readers online. Find her on Facebook, GoodReads and Twitter.

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